Friday, 17 May 2013

UKIP takes flak in Scotland

Mr Farange is learning the lessons of his recent electoral success. The first of these is that greater press attention is a risk as well as a blessing.

Up until now UKIP's lack of policies has assisted them in attracting disaffected voters. They have represented a protest vote for those who dislike Europe or immigrants without requiring any further consensus on economic or domestic policy. Now they are expected to have positions on things like Scottish nationalism and, if their trip to Edinburgh is anything to go by, they lack the political maturity or joined-up thinking to deal with them like adults. Instead they end up looking like the amateurs and bigots that they really are.

We will have to see how long Farange's image stands up to the harsh glare of the media spotlight. It is hard to continue to play the easy-going man of the public, beer and cigarette in hand, when your only response to opposing voices is childish petulance and blanket insults.  

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