Thursday, 3 May 2012

Griffin - an embarrassment to the nation.

"Mr President, the explosion at Chernobyl was a disaster, but let us keep it in perspective: 64 people were killed by Chernobyl radiation over 23 years, and it caused an unknown proportion of 6000 cases of thyroid cancer. These are tragic figures but they pale into insignificance compared to the death toll on our roads. Yet, while no one is using road traffic accidents to campaign to ban the motor car, a small army of leftists is using Chernobyl to push for an end to nuclear power.
I do not doubt that they mean well but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The same people meant well when they helped to create the biofuels rush, pushing the price of food beyond the reach of the world’s poor. Tonight millions of children will go to bed slowly dying of hunger because people on that side of the House meant well: that is what the fuzzy ideals of the Utopian left do in the real world.
The impact of a nuclear ban would be even worse because the alternative to nuclear power is not wind farms and solar panels. In our energy-scarce, post-peak oil world, the alternative to reactors is mass starvation." 

Nick Griffin, speaking at the debate on Nuclear Safety 25 years after Chernobyl

Is this really the sort of person we want speaking on our behalf in Europe? It sounds like the rants you hear in a Wetherspoons at 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon. This is a serious issue and having some clown trying to score cheap political points on a British platform is just degrading.  

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

SCP Creepiness

I've recently got back into this website after losing track of it for a while. Definitely worth a browse - some of the entries are very well written and thought out although you have to sort through some dross to get there.

Anyway once you've read a few try this. A free alpha game based on some of the scarier ideas from the site. I've recently completed Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Only two or three of the multiple endings depending how you count it, no spoilers please!) but this really made my hair stand on end. Something about the simplicity of it and the unremitting ordinariness of 95% of the play time I think (along with the suspense from knowing some of the scarier things on the site).

My first play I noticed nothing unusual until floor 14. Then a strange Cheshire cat grin in red and orange appeared from the darkness. 'That wasn't too scary' I thought and went on. Floor 19 was the first really scary thing, as I arrived at the bottom of the stair case a sort of white and black mime creature appears and then disappears with a discordant note in the music. I back off, hyperventilate for a bit and then keep going. Finally on about Floor 23 I'm walking down an unremarkable corridor when a gong goes off and everything goes pitch black. The lights come on but I don't see the enemy before it finishes me off. Red screen. Chills.