Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pay back time for ridiculous 'leak'

.. and about time too. The 'French Ambassador' rumour about Sturgeon was one of the more absurd bits of mud slinging in an already unpleasant election season. I hoped at the time that somebody might have to take responsibility.

That it could potentially wipe out the last Lib Dem seat in Scotland is just the icing on the cake and a fine illustration of irony in action.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

New Discworld game announced

So it looks like the next Discworld game will be based on the Clacks system that featured prominently in his later Ankh-Morpork books. I was generally more of a fan of Terry Pratchett's 'middle period' when he still made funny jokes but had mastered the rudiments of plot and characterisation. Nevertheless this piques my interest more effectively than the child-friendly Witches game that followed the original (and under-appreciated) territory control game.

Speaking of authors who I like - if you haven't read Neil Gaiman's 'Trigger Warning' you should do immediately. Along with American Gods and Sandman, I thought that his two earlier collections of short stories were among his best work, The new collection continues this trend with a marvellous and versatile mix of gothic horror, whimsy and sentimental tales.    

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Clegg will put Lib Dem 'red lines' first

... by which I assume he means the trails of blood that the party is leaving behind as it drags itself towards post-electoral irrelevance.