Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rage against the simulation - Source Code

(Spoilers ahead)

So I finally got around to watching the network premier of 'Source Code' last night. I remember being intrigued by this film when I saw the trailers but never got round to watching it at the cinemas.

It didn't quite live up to the hype but it made a solid effort. Surprisingly for a film that could have ended up with a very intricate plot, the best scenes were right at the start. The structure of the film means that you initially share Colter Stevens confusion. You are thrust into the middle of conversations that you didn't hear the start of and are confronted with a new twist or revelation whenever you seem to be getting a handle on the plot.

However, after this promising start it becomes a lot less tight and settles into predictability. Inception showed how a film can present original ideas and remain innovative by changing the rules on the fly. Instead with Source Code we are confronted with unimaginative twists (of course Colter was dead/dying all along - it's a standard scenario when characters wake up unexpectedly inside a technological virtuality, especially if we are forewarned that their last memory is being shot at while in a helicopter). The film also focuses more on the relationships between the characters (some off screen) which, while engaging, are nothing out of the ordinary. The motivations behind the bombing are left rather vague and the villain remains undeveloped with the ending generating more questions than it answers.

Nevertheless, worth a watch, just don't expect to be kept guessing throughout the whole film.

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