Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cameron's failed elections

So, despite having been initially against the idea of a Bristol mayor, I've rather enjoyed the last few days. It was a shame that Labour's Marvin Rees didn't get in but George Ferguson seems self-assured and I'm a big fan of the Tobacco Factory theatre that he helped to rejuvenate.

I didn't bother voting for a Police Commissioner. Cameron may be right that the role will become more accepted over time but I see no need for it. We have political oversight of our police forces and it seems redundant to bring in more. Further it risks foregrounding the Conservative's favoured topic of Government being tough on crime. It's bad enough that Labour have recently jumped on the bandwagon of making mindless moral denunciations of those who commit certain crimes (expenses fraud doesn't count) without politicising the issue further.

On a less serious note, I've recently discovered that there is mention of a gift of tennis balls in Shakespeare's Henry V. I find this both mind boggling and brilliant!

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