Thursday, 29 November 2012

Abbas pleads for UN recognition

I agree with Abbas that it would be a step forward for the UN to enhance recognition of Palestine. Critics can claim all they like that a solution can only come through bilateral negotiation but such agreement is nigh impossible when extremist Palestinians are firing missiles at Israeli towns and the Israeli army treats Palestinian occupied territory like a shooting gallery.

The only way forward is for the international community to support Palestinians, like Abbas, who represent and support moderate solutions and compromise. Doing so undermines the extremists by showing that peaceful negotiation brings results. The current suggestion to support a two state solution inside the 1967 borders is tenable and is argued for in Shlomo Ben Ami's brilliant 'Scars of War, Wounds of Peace'.

Naturally there should be international support for Israel's right to its territory and to freedom from official or unofficial attacks by its neighbours. However, by constantly adopting the most hard line approaches and massacring civilians Israel risks marginalising itself and being seen as little more than an American puppet in the Middle East.

[Edit] - ... and it has happened! Great result but sad to see the UK abstaining.

[Edit, Edit] - .... and what predictable, childish behaviour in response from the Israelis. It is this sort of tit for tat, us versus them attitude that has kept this conflict boiling throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty first.

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