Thursday, 28 June 2012

.... The saga continues

Still loving Quest of the Wordsmith, although I suspect I'm reaching the point of diminishing returns.

(Spoilers ahead)

It does have a habit of making some compelling narratives though. I just had a game where for the first time I survived until it got dark. I'd taken out most of the enemies that I'd meet and opened up the Crates in the Wreck. I was being satisfied that a combination of Laser and Norse henchman had enabled me to take out the Trolls for the first time. I was finely kitted out in a Kilt, Snorkel and High Heels.

I decided to take on the Dragon. I went in to the castle with my Tank and sacrificed my Norse henchman in the battle against the Dragon. I went out and used up almost every food type I could think of to heal up my Tank and then discovered it couldn't get back through the Castle doors.

I then went in and used a Bat, Priest, Crab, Yeti and Lion against the Dragon and was forced to flee each time. Finally I summoned a Stork. This drew out the Dragon as it attacked the infinite supply of Babies produced. However, firing my Laser into the darkness while scampering for the exit when my health got low could only go on so long and eventually it shot me down.

Thinking back I probably should have placed a Fire so I could easily find the exit. Ho hum. Maybe next time.

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