Friday, 29 June 2012

... and you're probably bored of this by now.

So I got the Dragon in Quest of the Wordsmith!

(Spoilers ahead)

I set up a veritable barricade to hold the Dragon while I got in my Tank. There was a Wall (tastefully Inked blue), a Fort and a Castle. I also used a Hole and Tar in the hope that it would slow it down. I launched a couple of assaults and lost a few minions but discovered that the Wall was invulnerable to fire and so skulked behind that in my Tank, healing health when I needed to. Finally, Death and the Dragon took each other out.

I used the G from Dragon to make a pet Giant and then looked for something else to do. I took a Spaceship and flew up as far as I could and then used a Yeti to clear out all of the Spiders and Webs in the cave.

By now it was nearly night and I was wondering what to do. I decided to sit in one place and make as many peaceful things as I could so that there would be a nice town to see in the morning. I made a Priest, Bard, Farm, Farmer, Field, Baby, Wasp, Eagle, Oak, Elm, Knight, Sheep, Cow, Crow and Goat. Unfortunately I then made a Skeleton. This did not play well with others. Being undead it kept on coming back to trash my little utopia. Eventually all the animals and people I had made were dead while the Knight and resurrecting Skeleton were fighting a brutal, pitch-black battle over the buildings and fields that remained.

Lovely bit of emergent game-play really. You know what they say about good intentions leading to hell?


  1. Whatever happened to this game? Did the guy take all the preorder money and run?

    1. Yes, looks like it. No action on their website, blog or Facebook account since 2012.