Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hammond's Farcical Fall from Grace

What a ridiculously destructive piece of political theatre. The Economist (not known for its affection for the Tories current attempts at national economic suicide) has consistently portrayed Hammond as one of the sane members of the government. Surely the politician in charge of the economy must appreciate the economic risks of Brexit for Britain, as the argument goes.

So if this is the best that the moderates of May's cabinet can do we are all in a lot of trouble. An agreement is essential if we are to leave our most important trading group and cheap point scoring is ultimately going to do a lot more harm than good. If Hammond can't stand up to the rabid Brexiteers (or swivel eyed loons as they were known in more sober times) that he shares Parliament with then he shouldn't be in his current job let alone engaged in high-stakes negotiations with Europe.

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