Thursday, 10 April 2014

McCalmont rips apart Jackson's Smaug

"Peter Jackson is a terrible loss to the special effects profession and a terrible addition to that of professional film direction."

Ouch! Definitely worth a read if you like your film criticism insightful and acerbic.

I can't say that I rate Peter Jackson very highly as a director. I liked the original Lord of the Rings trilogy of films enough to keep watching but haven't experienced any desire to revisit them since.

Similarly I strongly agree that Jackson's decision to split the brilliantly concise action of the Hobbit across three films was a waste of good material. Ironically it matches Tolkien's own hubris in creating ever longer and more inaccessible fantasy epics as his career progressed. Fortunately he had the vision not to publish these literary monstrosities (a task that was left to his less restrained successors).

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