Friday, 20 September 2013

Peaky Blinders - Razors and Racketeering in Birmingham

So despite having a name that fails to roll off the tongue this one has wowed me.

Post-WW1 Birmingham makes a fantastic setting for a crime series and brings in a cluster of historical themes that don't get nearly enough airing - from the mental and financial struggles of veterans to the paranoia of the British government about strikes, communists and Fenians.

Cillian Murphy is impressive as usual and is ably supported by the rest of the cast. Like many British crime flicks I especially like the focus on the smaller bit characters and the underdogs. While American action heroes may be able to scythe their way through legions of enemies with little care for appearances or treating others as human beings, it is a stalwart of British drama that anybody who underestimates the underdogs tends to end up being buried by them.

Anyway two episodes in and I hope it can live up to a promising start!

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