Tuesday, 25 June 2013

American hypocrisy in action


The Chinese raise a good point here.

How can the USA complain about Russia's or Hong Kong's disinclination to extradite Snowden (bearing in mind that no extradition treaty exists between Russia and America) when it has just been revealed that they have been running a secret program designed exclusively to spy on the internet activity of foreign nationals?

As with Bradley Manning there has been no suggestion that whistle blowing was inspired by any foreign intervention. Those involved simply did not share the government's steadfast belief that it is acceptable for the state to breach privacy and keep vast amounts of data confidential in order to better protect the American people from those nebulously defined terrorists.

Maybe America should take a break from its rabid pursuit of those who challenge the interests of its surveillance state and instead consider what effect such revelations are having on its already tarnished global image.

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