Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Diary of a Space Age Bureaucrat Pt 3.6

 Zakalwe gasped as the fire sucked the last of the oxygen from the Sensor room. His skin was burned in several places and he didn't think he could stay upright for much longer. Flere was dead so he could expect no help. Still at least he had broadcast the mission logs to the Federation holdouts before abandoning the cockpit:

Things had started well. The Phlebus had arrived in an Engi sector and been instantly able to repair their hull damage at a mechanoid border Store, taking the time as well to sell the Fire Bombs that they no longer needed. However at their next jump they had come across a strong Rebel fighter. With three shields it had managed to wear down their hull and destroy valuable systems before they afflicted enough damage to cause it to surrender. Flere had become a casualty during the battle as a missile hit the corridor he was walking through on his way to the medical bay. The android had been sucked out of space with a silent scream. With the oxygen and medical bay down and fires in too many areas of the ship, Zakalwe had had little chance to single-handedly repair the damage.

He lapsed into unconsciousness as the last of the oxygen hissed out through a hull breach. It may have just been the light headedness but he could have sworn that a door had opened elsewhere on the ships. Perhaps a Rebel boarder had come to finish him off? It would be too much to hope that it could be a rescue mission – even in such a relatively safe area of space. Still, that was somebody else's problem. The captain knew no more as the Phlebus tumbled through the void, watched suspiciously by the crew of the battered Rebel rigger.    

(This is a game report taking a certain level of artistic license from the game 'FTL Faster than Light'. I'm flying a Zoltan cruiser, which I had the good fortune to unlock after only a couple of plays. Sad that this run had to come to an end but it didn't go too badly.)

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